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“Prompt professional help.”

- Brian

“The agents at Laurie Insurance Group are great! They are very personable and willing to help.”

- Nick

“I greatly appreciate the time and dedication they put into not only my organization's policies, but my personal policies as well. Laurie Insurance Group really has a committed heart for helping people. They work diligently behind the scenes on behalf of us keeping abreast of all the changing regulations. Kudos to all staff!”

- Denise

“They cut my monthly expense by 60% while increasing my coverage. I wouldn't get insurance anywhere else!”

- Robert

“The Laurie Insurance Group is awesome! They helped me with several home and auto plans. The Laurie Insurance Group will always be my first choice for any insurance needs.”

- Tyler

"Excellent people work in Laurie Insurance Group offices. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

- Playground Guardian

“They are very quick to respond and worked hard to find us the best insurance opportunities. We feel very confident that we are fully covered with Laurie Insurance Group!”

- Jennifer

"We just moved to into a new area and were switching our home and car insurances. The Laurie Insurance Group was awesome and made everything so easy! They gave us multiple quotes from various providers for the best rates and shared expert advice along the way. Thank you!"

- Andrew

“They were amazing! They found me a rate much better than I was paying before. If you want a great policy, fair price, and great service call Laurie Insurance Group.”

- TJ

"This company is super responsive and works hard to get the best quotes!”

- Banjo’s World

“The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to help me find the best auto insurance coverage at an excellent price.”

- Karen

"Absolutely the best insurance agent in Charlotte, NC! Personalized service, always friendly and willing to help!”

- Sheila

“If you are looking for an insurance agent to do business with look no further than the Laurie Insurance Group. Very knowledgeable, friendly staff and exceptional professionalism. If you have a problem, they will take care of it promptly. It is what they do. Can't say enough good about how my family loves this agency and we recommend them all the time.”

- Bruno

“This agency is tops in what they do. They are all very caring and I feel as though they are always looking out for our family. I have been doing business with them for years and they are always trying to find us the best options.”

- Brady

“Took the time to look into things that were showing up on my quote that shouldn't have been there. He also took the time to contact my other insurance company because they were taking forever to get back to me. I am extremely happy with the knowledge and professionalism. Would recommend to anyone looking for someone who is willing to go the extra mile.”

- Anonymous

“They were very friendly and had a great atmosphere when you walk in. I spoke to two different agents and both were very helpful! They answered every question I had and really informed me on what coverages were best for my situation. I would and have recommended this agency to my friends and family.”

- Stephanie